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Our Zen inspirational saying magnets are perfect little daily reminders to be calm, contemplative, and aware. Stick them on your fridge, file cabinet, and more. Interested in a custom quote? Just email us at!


Please choose a quote from the available sayings below and select the corresponding number from the dropdown menu on the right:


41.  If your love does not include kindness and compassion, it is not genuine.


42. Your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Cultivate a compassionate, understanding, and forgiving relationship with it.


43. We experience so many sad moments, but so many happy ones too. Be grateful for all moments. They awaken us to the reality of our human life.


44. The answers are all within you. You just need to awaken to the truth you are so fearful to confront.


45. It’s never too late to make a difference in your own life. Give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Everyone benefits.


46. As we grow older we realize that life is not without suffering, and as we grow wiser we realize, no suffering, no awakening.


47. When you look at the world with a grateful heart, the joy you were missing will suddenly appear.


48. If you are kind and compassionate, and open to receive, life will be full of heartwarming encounters.


49. Wherever you are, at every opportunity, create good karma. Let the ripples of kindness, compassion, and positive action, spread out into our suffering world.


50. Time passes unhindered, each moment a fleeting memory. Accepting our impermanence, live joyfully, with no regrets.


51. Seek, and perhaps you will find what you are longing for. If not, enjoy the journey.


52. Every time you think of your dearly departed loved ones, every time you are struggling in life… they embrace you.


53. When all appears lost, what is there to cling to? Gratitude!


54. If anger gets the best of you, who really gets hurt? Everyone suffers. There are no regrets when you show compassion.


55. You may not be able to change the negative behavior of others, but show them compassion anyway. They suffer in their ignorance.


56. In stillness, the mind becomes quiet, and the heart speaks.


57. You cannot always depend on yourself. Some things are beyond our control. Never be too proud to ask for help. No one suffers alone.


58. If you can appreciate the beauty of a single flower, your life will take on new meaning.


59. Savor each moment, be happy, spread joy!


60. When words only complicate matters, silence speaks.


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Inspirational Saying Magnet (#41-60)


Acrylic magnet measures 2.5" x 3.5" and is protected in a clear plastic sleeve. The inspirational sayings are printed on photo paper with bodhi leaf images.

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