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These miniature works of art are for those who want something more unique than a magnet! These original art works can be displayed in a variety of places -- Stick them on the wall, a bulletin board, or anywhere you can push the pin in! Enjoy and share these positive little life messages of awareness and gratitude. 

What does "Boko Art" mean?
We use upcycled kamaboko boards to create these unique one-of-a-kind works of art. "Kamaboko" is Japanese fish cake, which you may recognize as used as a garnish with ramen noodles. It is packaged on a wooden board, which is the board we use for our Boko Art! We source these boards from a local factory here in Hilo, Hawaii. Each board is hand-cut to size, and then stained with Japanese sumi ink. The paper we print on is either handmade from India or premium photo paper.

Happiness - Kanji Boko Art


Each Boko Art measures 2"x3" and comes packaged with a black push pin for hanging. Stand not included.

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