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Our Zen inspirational saying magnets are perfect little daily reminders to be calm, contemplative, and aware. Stick them on your fridge, file cabinet, and more. Interested in a custom quote? Just email us at!


Please choose a quote from the available sayings below and select the corresponding number from the dropdown menu on the right:


21. We are here, we are now, nowhere else. It is the mind that wants to linger in the past. It is the heart that is grateful for each moment... Choose to live in gratitude.


22. You can choose to remember the sadness, or you can choose to remember the joy. It all depends on how you want to live your life... Choose Joy!


23. There is no greater healing power than the love and prayers of those dear to your heart.


24. Not everything that happens in life is meant to be understood. Sometimes acceptance is the only way to find peace with your suffering.


25. When you help others, you help yourself. When you make others happy, you become happy. It’s a beautiful thing.


26. Nothing is more important in life than your own personal wellbeing. Take care of yourself. Everything else depends on this.


27. Regardless of your situation, make the best of what you have. There is great value in the things you may be taking for granted.


28. You can’t please everyone, especially those who choose to judge you. Do not doubt your worth or words. Remain kind and authentic.


29. We all grow through adversity. As long as we don’t linger in our suffering, we will blossom like the lotus flower.


30. In times of distress, be mindful of your breath. Inhale hope and joy, exhale worry and despair.


31. Quiet the negative mind, not by struggling to think positive, but by simply focusing on all the little things that bring you joy.


32. Be the Inspiration! Individually we are a ripple, together we are a wave.


33. There is no later. The time is NOW!


34. Awareness is a remarkable thing. It turns everyday occurrences into enlightening experiences.


35. Every day can be a new beginning. Embrace the opportunity to make changes, to forgive, to let go, or to just accept what is.


36. When you focus on all the hurtful things that are happening it brings much pain and sadness. When you hear of a single act of kindness, it brings us joy and hope. Kindness matters.


37. If you take a single step in the positive direction every day, imagine the possibilities. If you do nothing, imagine the outcome.


38. Mindfulness of others is most difficult to maintain, even when strong of faith. Let us all work to awaken our compassionate hearts, so we are more tolerant, respectful, and kind.


39. True kindness and compassion acts without expectations, because it is the right thing to do.


40. To live a more meaningful life, learn to desire less and to appreciate more.


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Inspirational Saying Magnet (#21-40)


Acrylic magnet measures 2.5" x 3.5" and is protected in a clear plastic sleeve. The inspirational sayings are printed on photo paper with bodhi leaf images.

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