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Our Zen inspirational saying magnets are perfect little daily reminders to be calm, contemplative, and aware. Stick them on your fridge, file cabinet, and more. Interested in a custom quote? Just email us at!


Please choose a quote from the available sayings below and select the corresponding number from the dropdown menu on the right:


1. Your thoughts create you. There is no one else to blame... or praise.


2. Life is an endless cycle of good and bad. When it is good, let us be thankful, and when it is bad, let us grow spiritually.


3. True friendship transcends distance and time, making each meeting even more special.


4. Life should be filled with moments of thankfulness. THANK YOU!


5. Some people need your understanding more than your words.


6. When petals fall... our hearts become silent.


7. Tomorrow is not just another day. Be thankful.


8. Take care of yourself. Everything else depends on this.


9. We all need a reason to get up in the morning. For many, it's the joy of seeing another sunrise.


10. If you accept the impermanence of all things, you will spend more time enjoying them... before they are gone forever.


11. Like the seasons, life changes. Nothing remains the same, or lasts forever. Live joyfully with no regrets.


12. Today, let us be guided by the goodness within our hearts and minds.


13. Live a good life. Be decent, humble, and kind. You will be immeasurably blessed.


14. Rise above the darkness. The light awaits to embrace you.


15. The tragedy of life is that we take it for granted. Each day is precious and unrepeatable. Live in gratitude.


16. No matter what you choose to do with your life, if you are kind to others, you will have made a difference.


17. We all need to find the beauty in our imperfect life. It starts by being grateful for what you have.


18. Those who are thoughtful and caring will always be concerned for your wellbeing. Thank them often, and keep them close to your heart.


19. Cherish those words that touch your heart, strengthen your spirit, and inspire you to act.


20. Cherish those friendships that inspire you with passion and spirit. They are the beautiful flowers that touch your heart and soul.


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Inspirational Saying Magnet (#01-20)


Acrylic magnet measures 2.5" x 3.5" and is protected in a clear plastic sleeve. The inspirational sayings are printed on photo paper with bodhi leaf images.

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